Associazione Nazionale Energia del Vento

ANEV is the Italian Wind Energy Association, set up in July 2002, which brings together around 100 companies representing the national wind energy sector in Italy and abroad, including producers and operators of electricity and technology, plant designers, engineering and environmental studies, electrical traders and developers who operate in compliance with the Association’s rules and regulations.

ANEV is the Italian Association adhering to the corresponding European and World associations such as WWEA-GWEC-WindEurope, it also adheres to ASVIS, UNI, CEI, AIEE, is a member of the Coordinamento FREE, the Foundation for Sustainable Development of the National Council for the Green Economy and the Kyoto Club.

The Association’s aims include contributing to the promotion and use of wind energy in a balanced relationship between settlements and nature, as well as promoting research and technological development aimed at the use of wind resources and the rational use of energy, and the dissemination of accurate information based on real data. The objective of reconciling the development of clean energy production with the necessary safeguards for the enhancement and protection of the territory has led ANEV to undertake close cooperation with the main environmental associations, which has led to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with LEGAMBIENTE, WWF and GREENPEACE aimed at disseminating wind energy while protecting its proper inclusion in the landscape.

Moreover, ANEV, together with Legambiente, Greenpeace and the Kyoto Club, has drawn up and signed a Manifesto for the development of offshore wind energy in Italy, with due regard for environmental and landscape protection, to ensure that the wind energy present in the Italian seas can be exploited to the full, contributing to the decarbonisation of our country and its energy self-sufficiency, while safeguarding economic activities and marine ecosystems.

Thanks to its specific experience and the high level of professionalism of its members, ANEV is a privileged partner in the desired process of cooperation with the institutions and all the media that are sensitive to environmental issues and interested in the dissemination of a correct narrative based on scientific analysis of the data disseminated. Moreover, ANEV has signed a protocol with UIL, aimed at supporting the development of wind energy in our country and carrying out specific initiatives to enhance employment and training aspects.